We are CHILD - a Family of Constructs
A family of constructs is a group of constructs that from a theoretical point of view seem to share basic features, that is, that seem to be strongly related. Interdisciplinary research groups and research environments probably need to base their work on families of constructs. These families should be wide enough to allow several researchers working with partly different constructs to feel at home but narrow enough to allow for generalization and further development of the knowledge base.
This is what is going on in CHILD-research.
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The Good Application of Research Results
The collaboration within the Swedish Institute for Disability Research has led to the development of a new strategy for the SIDR research. In addition, the discussion about how to realize the research strategy has generated three important task forces.

In SIDR-CHILD we continue the work with the development of a collaborative research program focused on life transitions for adolescents and young adults with mild intellectual disability.
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New PhDs in Disability Research
Former PhD-student Anna Karin Axelsson successfully defended her doctoral thesis Children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities and their participation in family activities in the beginning of the summer.
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... and in Nursing Science
Berit Björkman also successfully defended her doctoral thesis Children in the Radiology Department: a study of anxiety, pain, distress and verbal interaction.
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CHILD-researchers gave workshops on ICF-CY in Russia
Margareta Adolfsson and Nina Klang gave workshops on ICF-CY in Russia. This was their second visit. Read more
Paediatric Dentists met in Poland on what is best for the children
Sixhundred paediatric dentists from all over the world gathered in Poland to discuss what is best for the children. Researcher Johanna Norderyd was one of them. Read more
News Bulletin
New edition of a popular book
Med sikte på förskolan - barn i behov av stöd

This is a new edition and a re-release of a very popular book on children in need of special support in a preschool environment. Editor Anette Sandberg, Mälardalens högskola, together with ten CHILD-researchers and others present the area of children and special needs education in a preschool environment. More on the book