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- Everyday functioning is about being there and being engaged while you're being there -
Everyday Functioning
In CHILD we are interested in how being there and being engaged while being there can be prompted by interventions. To evidence base such interventions we need to know more about influential factors in the child, the child’s environments as well as factors in the interaction with the surrounding service systems. We have gained knowledge about single factors of all these types but now we need to know more about how they are orchestrated and interact in how they affect the child and the child’s family. Do join us on that journey, says Professor and Research Leader Mats Granlund. Read more
Everyday Functioning I:
Children with long term
health conditions
Researcher Maria Björk explains that long-term health conditions such as cancer in young children impacts the ability to participate and function in everyday life. Read more
Everyday Functioning II:
Children with behavioral problems in pre-school
Researcher Mats Granlund says that engaged participation in everyday activities in preschool is important, not only for the child’s well-being here and now, but it is also a strong predictor for future learning and well-being. Read more
Everyday Functioning III: Participation of children with and without MID
Researcher Elisabeth Elgmark has compared the participation in activities of daily living of children with and without Mild Intellectual Disabilities, and suggests that an awareness of the consequences of MID will enable more fulfilling lives. Read more
International Research Prize 2014
The Australian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID) awards the Swedish researcher Mats Granlund, together with the South African researcher Juan Bornman and the American researcher Dana Donohue, for the paper Examining the rights of children with intellectual disability in South Africa: Children’s perspectives.

The paper was awarded the International Research Prize 2014 since it was a report of high-quality innovative and practical research that also has the potential for positive changes to the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their carers.
New international project: Participation in preschool
CHILD-Professor Eva Björck-Åkesson has started a new collaborative research project on participation in preschool for children with and without a need of additional support in an international perspective. The project is called
Participation as an outcome of spending time in preschool for children with and without needs for special support.Frida Åström, Alecia Samuels, Anna Karin Axelsson and Eva Björck-Åkesson are, among others, working within the project.
Read more about the project
ISEI-Conference in Stockholm
The International Society on Early Intervention (ISEI) holds an international conference in conjuntion with Stockholm University in June, 2016. It is called “Children’s Rights and Early Intervention".

Read more
New dissertation:
Prosthetic and orthotic service in developing countries
In November, Lina Magnusson, successfully defended her dissertation on how prosthetic and orthotic services work in countries characterized by poverty and civil war.
Read more
about the dissertation
Watch a news insert from SVT about Lina Magnusson's research
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Mats Granlund introduces the programme.
Master of Science: Interventions in Childhood
The Master’s programme Interventions in Childhood at Jönköping University is an interdisciplinary education focusing on effective intervention techniques for children in need of support — beyond what is normally provided to all children. Read more
New funding to CHILD-researchers
Sunnerdahls Handikappfond and Stiftelsen Sävstaholm both have approved new funding to research projects about children and disabilities. CHILD-researchers Karin Bertills, Lena Olsson and Frida Lygnegård has received in all 1 282 000 SEK. Read more