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How Interdisciplinary Research Works
Mats Granlund
Research Leader 
CHILD is an interdisciplinary research environment. Research with the aim to help children and adolescents and their families to construct and sustain a good everyday life is by definition interdisciplinary. Input is needed from researchers with different interests and interdisciplinary research requires these researchers to interact with the aim to create common models and knowledge that integrate the different inputs. That demands then both theory and research models that links 'levels of reality' from cell to society. Such methods must be able to handle complex data over longer time periods to allow for investigating processes. CHILD members are working on strengthening their competence in these areas and forming true interdisciplinarity.

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Is your work interdisciplinary?
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Mats Granlund's presentation (34 minutes) gives you an interdisciplinary perspective on research.

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Research News Bulletin
Researchers met in Jönköping to discuss children in longitudinal studies
The Swedish Network for Researchers on Children in Need of Special Support, met for the 3rd time at Jönköping University. This year’s conference discussed longitudinal studies and multilevel analyses. The network consists of 113 children’s researchers and children's habilitation staff and the challenge ahead is how to come up with new common interdisciplinary research projects around the child, and also to find new funding. The Network is a part of CHILD and SIDR, being the Swedish Institute for Disability Studies.

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Katarina Karlsson. Photo: Högskolan i Borås
Katarina Karlsson successfully passed PhD-examinations
Katarina Karlsson successfully defended her doctoral thesis on December 4, 2015. The overall aim of the thesis was to create knowledge about what it means for younger children to undergo needle-related medical procedures, and what caring support in relation to this means.

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Marie Golsäter and H.M. Queen Silvia.
Photo: Majblomman
Researcher awarded at the Royal Castle
Marie Golsäter was awarded a Majblomman researcher's scholarship by the Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. Majblomman yearly awards research projects on children's health and development. One of the researchers awarded this year was Marie Golsäter, who also gave a presentation of her project.

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Laura Darcy. Photo: Sverige Radio
New radio programmes on young children living with cancer
Researcher Laura Darcy was interviewed by the Swedish Radio Channel 1 in a series of radio programmes about children living with cancer. Laura Darcy has investigated the health and everyday life of twenty five young children (1-6 years of age) diagnosed with cancer.
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Part 1 Flisan och cancercellerna
Part 2 Om cancermedaljens baksida
Coming Conferences
International Conference on Cerebral Palsy and other Childhood-onset Disabilities, Stockholm 1-4 June 2016
Welcome to the joint meeting of: 5th International Conference of Cerebral Palsy (ICPC), 28th Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) and
1st Biennial Meeting of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (IAACD).
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ISEI Conference in Stockholm 8-10 June 2016: Children's Rights and Early Intervention
The International Society on Early Intervention (ISEI) gives an international conference in conjuntion with Stockholm University in June, 2016. It is called “Children’s Rights and Early Intervention". Many CHILD-members will attend.

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