International Impact through Collaborations.
One key characteristic of research that has an international impact is international collaboration.

For several years we have tried to develop the research conducted in CHILD towards collaborating with reseachers and teachers in other countries having the same interests in research as we have. International collaboration generates research output. Some of these collaborations are long standing and involve several persons and several kinds of collaborations.
Last year, 2015, more than 20 of the articles authored by persons in CHILD have international co-authors.
International collaboration can take many forms such as collaborating in research projects (applying for money, doing data collection and doing data analysis), co-authoring of research articles, sharing supervision of doctoral students and master students, arranging special topic research centers and seminars, collaborative presentations in conferences and exchange of students and researchers. CHILD as a group has been involved in all these kinds of activities whereof some examples can be seen here.
Mats Granlund,
Research Leader 
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12 countries and four continents - a truly international Master Program!
The master program Interventions in Childhood is an interdisciplinary education about how to provide effective interventions for children in need of support for their development, learning and functioning in everyday life. 
The program is a part of CHILD's international focus. In the ongoing program there are 19 students from 12 different countries and four continents. Truly international! Read more
New funding from Barncancerfonden
Associate professor Maria Björk has recieved 2, 5 million SEK from Barncancerfonden for a project about every day life support for children who have undergone and finished treatment for brain tumour.

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Lena Olsson successfully passed PhD-examinations
Lena Olsson successfully defended her doctoral thesis on April 1, 2016. The overall aim of the thesis was about Children with intellectual disability and their families - needs for support, service utilisation and experiences of support. CHILD says congratulations, Dr Olsson! 

Link to thesis
Coming Conferences
Challenge the Boundaries
International Conference on Cerebral Palsy and other Childhood-onset Disabilities. Several CHILD-researchers are both presenting and participating.

Stockholm June 1-4 2016 
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Children’s Rights and Early Intervention
International Society on Early Intervention Conference held in conjuction with Stockholm University, Sweden. Several CHILD-researchers are both presenting and participating. Professor Eva Björck-Åkesson is a key note speaker.

Stockholm June 8-10 2016 
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