Highlights and forecasts 2016-2017
Highlights and Forecasts in Research
CHILD celebrates 10 years at Jönköping University.  But a lot can happen in just a year. Here we give you some snapshots of what took place in 2016.

In the year we had two new PhD's, three new associate professors, new funding and new projects, an arranged research conference, lots of travelling and collaboration with international partners. And of course the continuation of research projects started earlier.

The new funding during 2016 ended up at 8.1 million SEK. It came from FORSS, Futurum, MoGård, Forskningskommittén RÖL, Nyckelfonden, Barncancerfonden, Stiftelsen Sunnerdahls handikappfond, Forte and Vetenskapsrådet.
Peer-reviewed articles during the year: 80 (list of Publications in DIVA).

We are pleased with this year and since it is coming to an end we wish you all Happy Holidays and we'll be seeing each other again in 2017 - for more collaborative research!
Mats Granlund
Research Leader
Research Highlights 2016
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Prof. Eva Björck-Åkesson in Stockholm City Hall welcoming international researchers.
New Associate Professors Karina Huus and Maria Björk
New Associate Professor Margareta Adolfsson and Nka releases guidelines on ICF-CY
CHILD participated in the ISEI-conference in Stockholm.
First meeting in the project 'Picture my Participation'.
CHILD met for research seminars twice a month.
PhD Susanne Knutsson in the USA to network and learn.
Prof. Karin Enskär and Ass. Prof. Karina Huus in China, making new partnerships.
CHILD applied for funding, got new grants and was able to start several new projects, i.e;
Professor Mats Granlund in Taiwan; visiting preschools on participation grounds.
The collaboration SIDR was evaluated by external reviewers with a very positive result.
CHILD celebrated 10 years at JU with a research conference and a party.
We said good bye to one master class in Interventions in Childhood, and welcomed another one.
PhD Margareta Adolfsson was appointed Associate Professor.
Lena Olsson and Eva-Lena Einberg successfully defended their doctoral theses.